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Find Provider

Looking for a network doctor?
a.  Log on to: (do not put www) You do not need to “log in”…… scroll down

     and click on “Find a Doctor”.
b.  Next screen, click  on “find a doctor”. Then scroll down and click on “guest”. 
c.  Answer the questions…. Your network is “Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) – Large”.
d.  Select from the drop down type of doctor/medical professional or medical


     e.  Select (drop down) what the doctor specializes in…..
f.   Enter your town and the number of miles you are willing to travel
     (ex. - if you choose 100 miles – it will include doctors in Fresno)

g. Search

Remember to ALWAYS check with the doctor (even the ones who you have gone to for years) as to whether or not they are currently providers for Advantek/ Anthem Blue Cross. This is extremely important if you are planning to have surgery.
Looking for a network dentist?
You will need to login with your own created login and password.
Lookin for a network vision provider?