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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS)? 
The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) is intended to provide a safe and secure space via telephone hotline, mobile app, and website for students and concerned adults to provide information about threats or warning signs of potential violence or self-harm. 

Is the person who submits information able to track the progress of the tip? 
The person who submits the tip (aka “Tipster”) cannot track the progress of a tip. The Tipster can only report the concern and then the Crisis Counselor, district/school team, and 911 dispatch officials (as needed) assess, intervene, and/or get help, if needed. The only communication made with the Tipster is to gather information. 
What are the most frequent types of tips submitted via the SS-ARS? 
The top five types of tips nationwide are: 
1.    Bullying/cyberbullying
2.    Cutting/self-harm
3.    Suicide
4.    Drug use
5.    Depression/anxiety
How does the SS-ARS ensure there are no false tips about a student? 
The National Crisis Center has a thorough vetting process for confirming validity and a standard protocol for how to handle false tips. Of all tips received by the National Crisis Center, about 3% are deemed to be a prank/hoax tip. 

What protocols are in place to protect a potentially at-risk student? 
This program has been adopted by your school district and therefore falls under its existing policies, procedures and/or student handbook guidelines. We strongly recommend that you review these documents and meet with officials to learn more about student protections. 

Are reports tied to a child’s permanent school record? 
Each school district owns all its tip data. That data is protected by the same state and federal laws as existing school records. 

Can parents/guardians use the SS-ARS to report threats/concerns? 
Yes. Parents or guardians can report any threats or concerns they may witness or hear from their child. Concerns can be reported through the Say Something app (free to download via the App Store and Google Play), the website at, or by telephone at 1-844-5-SAYNOW (or 1-844-572-9669). 

How does the SS-ARS ensure tracking and accountability of the school administration, law 
enforcement, and the National Crisis Center? 
SS-ARS does not have governance over school districts nor local law enforcement. Tips and related information are passed to the district/school and 911 (as needed) to act upon at the local level. These entities address tips as they normally would with any potential issue, anonymous or not, that is shared with them. The National Crisis Center and its Crisis Counselors have well-defined protocols and procedures that are regularly reviewed and refined as needed to ensure the highest standards of care and accountability. 
Is Sandy Hook Promise a political organization? 
Sandy Hook Promise is the nation’s leading school safety and gun violence prevention organization comprised of: 
•    The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that develops and delivers the “Know the Signs” programs, research, and awareness campaigns.
•    The Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, a 501c4 organization focused on writing and passing nonpartisan state and federal legislation that advances gun safety, youth mental health, and violence prevention education in schools.
Is the SS-ARS focused on gun control? 
No. SS-ARS is a community-based school safety and youth violence prevention program, not an advocacy tool. 
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