District Support Staff

Andrew Woodley Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology (559) 793-2451
Phil Black, Ed.D. Director of Assessment and Accountability (559) 793-2445
Jeanette McDonald Director of Personnel (559) 793-2461
Diane Rankin Director of Special Education and Student Services (559) 793-2473
Regina Freitas Director of Fiscal Services (559) 793-2458
Cindy Brown Director of Student Pathways (559) 793-2406
Kyle Ladrigan Director of Information Services (559) 793-2489
Rebecca Ortega Director of Preschool Programs  (559) 782-7120 x4636
Jennifer Francone Director of Continuous Improvement
Denise Douglas Coordinator of Instructional Technology  
Krystal Miller YES Program Personnel Liaison (559) 793-2457
Jason Edwards Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation  
Olga Perez Director of Student Nutrition Services (559) 782-7062
Raul Magana Custodial Supervisor (559) 782-7066
Transportation   (559) 782-7092