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PUSD Intradistrict Transfers
Live within PUSD and want to attend a different school within PUSD

PUSD Intradistrict Attendance Transfer Request Form


The Governing Board has adopted an open enrollment policy for Intradistrict Transfers and, as such, is bound by certain legal requirements. The Governing Board of Trustees has developed specific guidelines for students and parents/guardians who desire to have their student attend a school outside of the attendance area of the parents’/guardians’ primary place of residence.


Transportation to and from school shall not be provided for students attending a school outside of his/her primary attendance area.  Transportation to and from school shall be the responsibility of the parents or guardians. 


Intradistrict Transfers include those students whose legal residence is in the Porterville Unified School District boundaries and wish to attend a different school within PUSD.

PUSD Incoming Interdistrict Transfers
Live outside the district and want to attend a school in PUSD 

An Interdistrict transfer is when parents/guardians wish to register/admit/enroll their student(s) at a school outside of their district of residence. (Cal. Ed. Code, §§ 46600–46610; Board Policy (“BP”)/Administrative Regulation (“AR”) 5117.)

Interdistrict Transfer Request Forms must be requested from your district of residence (i.e., Burton, Alta Vista, Strathmore, Springville). Transfers are available year-round.

Transfers are valid for one school year and expire on the last day of the school year. Interdistrict Transfers must be renewed annually for continued enrollment. Each school district has their own Policies and Practices. Applicants must first be approved for release by their district of residence AND then be approved for enrollment by Porterville Unified School District (PUSD). Both districts must approve the agreement before it becomes valid. Applicants must contact their district of residence to obtain the form, which must then be sent to PUSD for review.

PUSD has high expectations for all students in terms of academic achievement, attendance, and behavior. Students are expected to achieve to their highest potential, attend school daily, and follow the rules of the school and classroom. In addition, parent participation and involvement is expected for student success. In approving an Interdistrict Transfer Request, there is an expectation that all relevant information is communicated/disclosed to ensure appropriate resources and support are available and allocated. However, PUSD determines the number of transfer students it is willing to accept and ensures that students admitted are selected through a random, unbiased process. The admissions process prohibits an evaluation of whether or not the student should be enrolled based on his or her academic or athletic performance, physical condition, or proficiency in English. Neither the school district of residence nor PUSD will rescind an existing transfer permit for pupils after June 30th following the completion of grade 10 or for pupils entering grades 11 or 12 in the subsequent school year.

Terms and Conditions

It is within the authority of either the home district or the receiving district to revoke an interdistrict transfer at any time for any reason the local board or district superintendent deems appropriate. Porterville Unified School District has the right to review, revoke or deny any Inter District Transfer. The process to revoke an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement will begin where any of the following exists:

The district has to file with the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) because of truancy (excessive absences or tardies) and/or behavioral issues;

• The actions of a student results in a recommendation for expulsion. This will automatically revoke an interdistrict agreement, and the student will be required to enroll at their district of residence;
• PUSD makes a reasonable determination that the student’s continued presence would interfere with the needs of the district, the best interest of the student, or both;
• The student fails to meet appropriate behavior standards and/or has poor academic performance;
• The parent/guardian failed to resubmit the interdistrict agreement each year for renewal;
• The parent/guardian is not actively collaborating with the district in addressing student needs/concerns; and/or
• False, misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete information was provided to be approved for an Interdistrict Transfer.

Approval is subject to space availability in PUSD and may not be at the requested school site.

PUSD Outgoing Interdistrict Transfers
Live within PUSD and want to attend a school outside of PUSD

When parents/guardians wish to register/admit/enroll their student(s) at a school outside of PUSD. (Cal. Ed. Code, §§ 46600–46610; Board Policy (“BP”)/Administrative Regulation (“AR”) 5117.)

Interdistrict Transfer Request Forms are available in the Instructional Services Department, by phone call to (559) 793-2453, or online at Applicants must be approved for release from PUSD AND then approved for enrollment by the requested school district. It is preferred to complete your Interdistrict Transfer Request before May 31st to allow sufficient time to get it approved before the new school year starts.

If a request for an interdistrict transfer is denied, the student’s parents/guardians may file an appeal to the county office of education in the student’s district of residence within 30 days of receipt of the official notice of denial of the transfer.

legal residence is in the Porterville Unified School District boundaries and wish to attend a different school within PUSD. 


  • Students (grades K-8) transferring to a different elementary or middle school within PUSD must submit an electronic Intradistrict Transfer by the last day of school.
  • Students will be approved for an Intradistrict Transfer provided there is available space at the school requested.
  • All parents requesting a transfer shall be notified of the outcome. 



Each spring, the Governing Board establishes projected enrollments and space availability for each high school for the following school year.  When space is available, the community is notified of the option to transfer.  Such requests to transfer shall be received in the Office of the Superintendent by May 1.  Should the number of requests exceed the available openings at any given high school, a lottery-type drawing shall be conducted.  The drawing shall take place shortly after May 1.  All parents requesting a transfer shall be notified of the outcome. 

Transfer requests submitted at other times of the year shall only be approved for extreme extenuating circumstances. 

  • Students (grades 9-12) transferring to a PUSD school outside the attendance area of his/her parents’/guardians’ primary residence shall be eligible to participate in that school’s available athletic program under the following conditions: 
  1. This is the first transfer of this student since his/her initial enrollment in the 9th
  2. The student is not transferring as a result of a disciplinary situation.
  3. The student was academically and otherwise eligible at the former school immediately prior to the transfer.
  4. There is no evidence that the transfer, in whole or part, is athletically motivated.
  5. All CIF transfer forms are completed and approved by the Section office. 
  • Students who have attended a high school for one full year or longer may continue to attend the same school should the parent’s residence change from one school attendance area to another following the first year of attendance.
  • Students who have an older sibling attending high school at the same time may request to have the younger sibling attend the same high school as the older sibling.  Athletic ineligibility shall not apply to the younger sibling.