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GoFan Tickets

Porterville Unified School District is happy to use GoFan for buying tickets to athletic events as an option. Fans can now buy and share tickets to events through GoFan and enjoy contactless entry without making cash purchases. You can buy the tickets online or through the IoS app (Apple phones) or Google Play app (Android phones).

You will need to present your phone with the event and tickets selected at the gate. 

For more information, simply go to to look for your high school and purchase tickets or go to


Go Fan Digital Ticketing Guide



How do I purchase tickets to an event?
You can purchase tickets for an event by using our iPhone mobile app, GoFan - High School Tickets, or by visiting our website at From the main page of the mobile app and website, you can search for events by school, school mascot, or city. Once you select the school, you can view all events from the school's GoFan page. 
I did not receive a confirmation email from my purchase. What should I do?

If you do not receive a confirmation email from your purchase, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].  Please provide the support team with key details such as the date of purchase, amount of purchase, and last 4 digits of the credit card used during the transaction.

How do I view my tickets after purchase?

You can view your tickets on your smartphone device by using the GoFan mobile app or by visiting our on your smartphones web browser.

Steps to view tickets:

  1. Access the GoFan app or the using your mobile device
  2. Click the Tickets tab at the bottom
  3. Select the ticket for the event you are attending
Please note, GoFan tickets do not have QR codes or barcodes. Our tickets are a simple click to validate. Below is an example of what our tickets look like!
Granite Hills
Granite HillsGranite Hills QR
MonacheMonache QR
Porterville logoPorterville QR
Strathmore logoStrathmore QR