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Mental Health Services

PUSD promotes the mental health and social emotional well-being of all PUSD students. Our district offers a range of mental health services through our district support staff and community partners. Our trained credentialed school psychologists and counselors support students referred from parents and staff by providing emergency counseling, threat assessment, and crisis management. PUSD partners with Tulare County Mental Health to support students requiring formal treatment and ongoing counseling such as those experiencing mental illness or traumatic experiences. For those struggling with substance abuse, PUSD partners with Recovery Resources to provide individual and group counseling, as well as prevention services through parent education nights.


For students requiring formal treatment and ongoing counseling PUSD staff refer to Porterville Youth Services.


Suicide Prevention: PUSD has counselors and/or school psychologists available at our schools. They have been trained to assess suicidal ideation and respond appropriately. PUSD is committed to ensuring the safety of our students. Please use our counselors, psychologists and community partners as resources in addition to the following information:


988 Hotline

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Health care for all students
at Porterville Unified School District

Hazel Health has partnered with Porterville Unified School District to provide access to quality health care services for all students, at no cost to families, this school year. A school health representative can initiate a video visit with a Hazel health care provider while your child is at-school to provide either physical or mental health services. Therapy sessions with Hazel Health are a safe space and are private and confidential.

To ensure your child has access to this service, please take 5 minutes to sign up today.

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This service is available both at our school sites or home.

Why is insurance information required?
Hazel Health has partnered with your school to cover your cost of services so that there is no cost to your family.
Why is insurance needed if a Hazel visit is at no cost to me? We will bill your insurance to cover the cost of your visit, so there is no cost to you. Once a visit is completed, you may receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) in the mail. If you receive an EOB, this is NOT a bill, it is simply a record indicating a visit occurred and was billed to your insurance, but not billed to you. No additional action is needed.
What if I don’t have insurance? You can access Hazel services at no cost to your family. We may verify your uninsured status after sign-up.