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Teladoc (Virtual Healthcare)

For all Porterville Unified School District employees who currently receive insurance:
The Teladoc Call A Doctor Plus program provides you with fast, convenient, 24/7 access to quality care by phone, video or mobile app.  Here is more information about each Teladoc service offered, including how to access the benefit. Your existing medical and prescription coverage remains unchanged as Teladoc is simply another choice for you for convenience and cost savings. 
Teladoc provides you with 24/7 phone or video access to doctors who can diagnose common medical conditions, provide treatment plans, and even write prescriptions when needed. Whether they’re on vacation or it’s 2 in the morning, you can have access to the care they need, when they need it.  
Key Benefits:
  • Talk to a doctor in 16 minutes on average
  • No co-pays, deductibles or per-call charges
  • 91% of issues are resolved on the first call
  • US-based, board-certified doctors
  • Connect 24/7/365 by phone, video or app
  • Get answers, prescriptions and treatment plans
Teladoc - Talk to a Doctor in Minutes, 24/7
  1. Visit
    1. You can also call (800) 835-2362 if you prefer to register by phone
  2. Be prepared to provide the following information and click ‘Continue’:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Date of birth
    4. Zip Code
    5. Email Address
    6. Preferred Language
    7. Gender
  3. If your benefits are found, select the option that includes the name of your group as your benefits provider and click “Continue”.
    1. Note: If your benefits are not found, please call (800) 835-2362 to talk to a client support representative who will help find your account.
  4. Follow the rest of the steps to complete your registration.

Once you are finished, you can add dependents and download the mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Access your benefits, 24/7, online at or by calling (800) 835-2362.