Principal's Message

Welcome to Prospect Education Center (PEC). PEC is a small school with open enrollment for any Porterville Unified School District student. Our motto is “Creating opportunities through Choices in Education.” We offer both home-based and on-site instruction. We offer special services, such as childcare for student parents, home instruction for students with temporary disabilities, and On-Site classes for high school students with chronic disabilities. 


The small setting also provides an opportunity to personalize instruction. Students may combine their PEC schedules with classes at their home campuses. Each student has a profile that reflects data from state assessments, district benchmark exams, as well as course tests. Monitoring student progress insures that each student is benefitting from the unique program he/she has chosen.


Our School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) offer additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to become involved. Please join us as we develop the support necessary for this academic program.