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Strathmore High School Early College Program Underway

The Strathmore High School Early College Program is focused on allowing students to earn up to 26 college units before graduation, as well as attaining the skills necessary for success in higher education and/or careers in the agricultural and related industries. The EAT (Emerging Agricultural Technology) pathway offers dual enrollment courses where a Porterville College course is taught on the Strathmore campus by a qualified high school teacher who meets college-teaching requirements. Porterville College dual enrollment courses taught on the high school campus are offered during the regular school day.

The program will include concurrent enrollment where students can take a college course on the Porterville College campus. In the future, it may include a college course taught on the high school campus by a college faculty member.

The Early College Program may benefit students and families as it has the potential to save time and money, build and strengthen the partnership between high schools and college, and increase student options and success. Enrollment fees, books and supply costs are waived for high school students taking college courses and therefore, allow students and families to save on college costs. 

Additional benefits include a smooth transition between high school and college for students, motivation to pursue college, early college and career preparation and readiness, and the exploration of various educational and career fields. 

Porterville Unified School District is collaborating with Porterville College to explore other dual/concurrent enrollment opportunities to benefit high school students and the community.


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