Nelson Auction Consignment Order Public Notice

Public Notice

Porterville Unified School District



In accordance with Board Policy 3270 and Education Code 17545, the Porterville Unified School District intends to surplus vehicles that are deemed not usable for District or school site purposes. The district may sell or dispose of these vehicles as outlined below:


  1. Sale or Donation of Usable Vehicles:

Surplus vehicles that are still usable for educational purposes may be sold or donated as follows 

Sold to another school district, county free library, state institution, U.S. public agency, nonprofit charitable organization, or for increasing literacy among children or adults in California or foreign countries.

Donated recipients must agree not to charge any person for the materials received (Education Code 60510).


  1. Disposal of Unusable Vehicles:

Vehicles that are unusable or cannot be distributed as specified above may be disposed of by either of the following methods: 

Mutilated as not to be salable as instructional materials and sold for scrap or for use in the manufacture of paper pulp or other substances at the highest obtainable price.

Destroyed by any economical means, provided that the materials are not destroyed until at least 30 days after the district has given notice to all persons who have filed a request for such notice (Education Code 60530).


  1. Equipment/Supplies Acquired with Federal Funds:

Equipment or supplies originally purchased with federal grant funds may be sold or traded when no longer needed for the original project or program, subject to the approval of the agency that awarded the grant. Equipment or supplies with a current fair market value of $5,000 or more must provide an amount to the federal agency equal to their share of the current market value (2 CFR 200.313, 200.314).


  1. Sale of Other Personal Property:

Other surplus or obsolete district-owned personal property may be sold through the following methods: 

Advertising for bids through public notice, newspaper publication, or public auction.

Without advertising for bids under specific conditions, such as property not exceeding $2,500 in value, sales to government agencies, or sales/leases fixed by the Board and approved by the County Superintendent of Schools (Education Code 17540, 17542). 


  1. Auction Services:

The Porterville Unified School District will be utilizing the auction services of Nelson Auctions located at:


Nelson Auctions

1099 W Linda Vista

Porterville, CA 93257

Phone: 559-788-2224


Details of Surplus Vehicles:

The following four (4) vehicles are considered for surplus and will be auctioned via Nelson Auctions:


2005 Ford Freestar Van

2010 Chevrolet Express Van

2001 Ford Excursion (Vehicle 1)

2001 Ford Excursion (Vehicle 2)

For detailed information about these vehicles, including specifications, conditions, and auction details, please contact Nelson Auctions directly.


  1. Proceeds from Sales:

Money received from the sale of surplus personal property shall be either deposited in the district reserve or general fund or credited to the fund from which the original purchase was made (Education Code 17547).

Interested parties are invited to inquire about the surplus vehicles. For more information and to express your interest, please contact:

Porterville Unified School District


Brad Rohrbach, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent Business Services

600 West Grand Avenue

Porterville, CA 93257



This notice is made in compliance with Porterville Unified School District's policies and the applicable provisions of the Education Code.


Date: October 13, 2023


Brad Rohrbach, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent Business Services

Porterville Unified School District