Transportation Update for March 20 Return to School

Weather and Road Conditions

Due to the road conditions following the last storm in our area, the following road closures have been put in place by Tulare County Road Department and will affect routing for school buses.

Tule River Reservation/Reservation Road

Reservation routes will not be run at this time. We have permission to use Lot 4, which is the parking lot adjacent to the roundabout on Highway 190 across from the Success Market,  for a pickup and drop off point for students. Students on Reservation Road but not on the Reservation will also need to be brought to Lot 4 or to their schools. Buses will be at Lot 4 at 7:30 am for pick up, Drop off (K-3) 3:15 pm,  (4-8) 4:00 pm and High School 4:30 pm.  Do not leave students unattended.

Pine Flat

Pine Flat pickup and drop off will be at the church in Pine Flat (6:30 am; 5:30 pm)

Balch Park / Upper Springville

Balch Park Road students will be picked up and dropped off at the Hamburger Stand in Springville for the next week. This will be reassessed later in the week to determine if the road is safe to get to Yokohl Valley Road. 

Balch Park Road is closed at the Yokohl Valley turn off.  When it is safe to do so, we will pick up and drop off at the Yokohl Split. We will be at the Hamburger Stand at 7:00 am in Springville. (Drop off will be approximately 5pm)

Lower Springville / Success Valley

Students on Globe Drive can catch the bus at Goat Ranch stop at 7:40 am; drop off 4:30 pm.

Success Valley Road is closed so the students can also go to Lot 4 for bus service, which is the parking lot adjacent to the roundabout on Highway 190 across from the Success Market. 7:30 am pickup; 4:30 pm dropoff

Campbell Creek & Avenue 320 are open at this time.

Please be advised this is a very fluid situation, conditions could cause changes to be made at any time

We appreciate your patience as we work together to ensure our students are transported safely through this unprecedented and challenging time.