Harmony Magnet Academy Students Win Energy Conservation Event

Harmony Magnet Academy students won the 2019 Energize Schools Energy Conservation Competition, beating 25 schools in the state by reducing energy use on the site by 24.9%. The group of environmental sustainability students earned a first prize of $900 while finishing second in the campaign category, creating awareness of energy conservation.

High schools that are in PG&E, SCE, and SoCal Gas territories are eligible to participate and compete every fall. For more information on the competition, go to https://www.energizeschools.org/energy-competition.html.

Pictured (sitting, left to right): Taylor Simonich, Ream Abdulla, Miguel Cardenas (standing, left to right): Jana Bridi, Lena Bennett, Sameera Hussain, Michael Orozco, Jose Alcantar



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