Preschool Programs Information

Welcome to the Porterville Unified School District Preschool Program. We are proud to offer preschool opportunities to eligible children ages three and four in our community. Four-year-olds will have priority and children must turn the age of three by September 1st.


PUSD Preschool Locations



Director of Preschool Programs: Rebecca Ortega

Olive Preschool - Lic.#540404138

245 Walnut Avenue

Plano Preschool - Lic.#543808537

1061 S. Plano Street

Olive PS-255 - Lic.#543810047

255 W. Olive Ave.

West Putnam Preschool - Lic.#543810067

1345 W. Putnam Ave.

Vandalia Preschool - Lic.#543810046

(Pre-K and TK)

271 E. College Ave.

Belleview Preschool - Lic. #543810094

197 W. Belleview Ave.



Hoops Preschool

265 W. Henderson Ave.






Our mission is to provide the highest quality care for children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment.




It is the philosophy of the Porterville Unified Preschool Programs that children are encouraged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment. Our preschool programs reflect the integration of physical, cognitive, language, emotional, and social areas for the total development of each child. We believe each child comes to our preschool programs from varied backgrounds, abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles.  We recognize that parents are the child’s first teachers and that children learn best when parents are involved in their educational program. It is our desire for each child to receive the love, security and encouragement important for maturation, development, and growth of all young children. 




It is our goal to present our children with a program that enriches their life, as well as builds their self-esteem. Children will grow in:
Social/Emotional Development
  • Becoming aware of themselves and their uniqueness.
  • Learning more about each other as individuals and gaining respect for others.
  • Developing confidence and a healthy self-concept.
  • Developing positive social skills and responsible behavior.
Cognitive Development
  • Developing the use of two way communication skills by speaking, listening and expressing ideas.
  • Participating successfully in math and science activities.
  • Acquiring thinking and problem solving skills.
Physical Development
  • Developing age appropriate body control (improving large and small muscle development), movement, coordination and balance.
  • Improving hand-eye coordination
Creative Development
  • Becoming self-confident and secure in exploring and experimenting with a wide variety of materials.
  • Expressing creativity and gaining the ability to make choices.
Health and Safety
  • Practicing good health and safety habits.
  • Becoming knowledgeable about good nutrition
Preschool Enrollment: 
All enrollments will be done by appointment only. Please call (559) 782-7120 to verify required documents and to schedule your appointment.