2017 Pharmacy Benefit Change

Dear Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) Health & Welfare Benefit members,

We are pleased to inform you that effective January 1, 2017, Integrated Prescription Management (IPM) has been chosen as our new pharmacy benefit manager, replacing Express Scripts.  IPM, headquartered in Fresno, has built a reputation for providing excellent member service and helping employers find ways to reduce healthcare costs without sacrificing quality of care. IPM’s Member Services Team is readily available to help you with any prescription processing issues, and can be reached at (877) 860-8846. They are available 24/7 to provide you with personal service and assist you with your pharmacy benefits.  We are striving for a smooth transition and have listed below a few items that may change for some of you.

  1. Everyone will be receiving new GREEN insurance cards that will be effective January 1, 2017 with the IPM information. Sample attached. (The old cards will no longer be effective on January 1, 2017) 
  1. All of our groups, Classified, Certificated and Management may fill 30 day prescriptions at any of IPM’s more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains and most independent pharmacies. 
  1. All “brand” name medications that have a generic equivalent are considered “Tier 3” medications. IPM will contact you regarding your co-pay that will be changing for any prescriptions that you are taking that are name brand with a generic available
  1. Only maintenance (long term) medications can be filled for up to a 90-day supply.

All 90-day prescriptions may only be filled at Walgreens pharmacy or through Walgreens mail order pharmacy.  These 90 day prescriptions will only be for maintenance drugs.  Maintenance drugs are those routinely taken to treat chronic diseases or conditions over a long period of time.  Examples of chronic conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  IPM will be notifying you by letter if you are currently getting 90-day prescriptions that are not for maintenance drugs.  You may get your 90-day maintenance medications at your preferred Walgreens retail pharmacy.  You can call your local Walgreens pharmacy (559)791-0104 for assistance in transferring an existing mail order prescription or provide a new prescription. 

MAIL ORDER: If you would like to use the mail order option for your maintenance drugs, please contact IPM’s Member Services Team for a mail order packet. Online registration information for mail order will also be provided with your new Identification Cards in December. Members currently using the Express Scripts Mail Order Program will receive mail order packets from IPM in the next few weeks.  New prescriptions will be required, so please fill prescriptions before December to allow enough time to transition to the new mail order program

If you use specialty medications, IPM will assist you with the transfer of your specialty medication to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. IPM will be contacting you by phone prior to January 1st. You may also contact the IPM Member Services team at (877) 860-8846 to begin the transition or to answer any questions. 

If you have any questions about the information provided in this notice, please contact me at (559)793-2439.   Please check your prescriptions and re-fill in December if necessary to allow for the holidays and the transition.


Thank you,

Dina Labandeira