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Welcome to Santa Fe Elementary School - Home of the Patriots

Why attend Santa Fe Elementary?

Santa Fe Elementary Dual Language Academy is a two-way immersion school within the Porterville Unified School District. Santa Fe’s Two Way Language Immersion program offers students the unique and exciting opportunity to read, write, and communicate naturally in both Spanish and English. Dual immersion produces bilingual, biliterate students, by immersing them in a second language, when their young minds have the greatest aptitude for language development. At Santa Fe:

  • The language and culture of all students is valued.
  • Language is acquired through content instruction; it is not taught as a separate subject area.
  • Classrooms are language-rich environments incorporating cooperative learning, thematic instruction, hands-on materials and visual and graphic displays.
  • Students develop language through structured academic experiences and social interactions with peers.
  • Parents are advised that continuous student enrollment for the duration of the program is recommended to achieve full program benefits.
  • Children reach a high level of proficiency that exceeds the fluency of students in other language programs.

Our Students at Santa Fe Elementary learn to:

  1. Develop fluency and literacy in Spanish and English.
  2. Acquire knowledge in all academic subjects and reach the academic standards established by the district.
  3. Cultivate an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.
  4. Strengthen positive attitudes among students, families, and communities.

Our Parents at Santa Fe Elementary can get involved in several ways:

  1. Come to meetings!
  2. Help organize events.
  3. Participate in fundraising activities.
  4. Volunteer to help in the classroom.
***Research indicates parent support helps to provide the best learning environment possible for students to be academically successful.

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