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PHS Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Photographs Department Porterville_High_Activities Email Web Page
Aiello Joy

Home Economics   email web page
Amann Christine   Assistant Principal    camann@portervilleschools.org  
Avila Pam Health Academy  PAHS email  web page
Aziz Salma   Counselor/Dean   email web page
Bailey Ashley Social Science


email web page
Beebe Michael   English  AERO email web page
Bowser Jim   Mathematics   email web page
Bermudez Raul Guidance Technician AERO Counselor
AVID Counselor
MEChA Co-Advisor
Buzzelli Jeann Guidance Counselor Peer Mediation Team Advisor

Counselor for Porterville  Academy of Health Science PAOHS (formerly PAH and Grades 10-12 Last names begin with "C" through "F"
email web page
Canata Kathy Guidance Technician   email web page
Carson Rebecca        rebeccacarson@portervilleschools.org  web page
Castaneda Guillermo   Foreign Language   email web page
Caven Craig   Drama   ccaven@portervilleschools.org web page
Chapman Julie   Science    
Collins Brad   Trades & Industry  AERO email web page
Coons Todd   Agriculture  PAAL email web page











 Web page


Web page

Eaton Mark Art   email web page
Elling Kevin   Science

Biology, AP Biology, and Anatomy/Physiology for the PAHS academy

elling@portervilleschools.org  web page
Fleming Karen  Health Academy  PAHS  kflemin@portervilleschools.org  
Freed Michael   Mathematics PAHS, Burrito Club member email web page
Gappmayer Paul   Social Science    pgappmaye@portervilleschools.org  
Garza Irene   Guidance Technician   email web page
Gill Shelley   Language Arts Curriculum Coach
PAHS Academy
email web page
Gomez Blanca      blancagomez@portervilleschools.org  
Gonzales John   Dance   email web page
Goularte Patricia English Language Development  Orange & Green Journalism Advisor email web page
Guzman Jesus   Foreign Language   email web page
Hagen Aaron        aaronhagen@portervilleschools.org  
Haley Rebecca   Art   email web page
Halopoff  Michele Business  PABF halom@portervilleschools.org web page 
Helm Jessica   Agriculture  PAAL jhelm@portervilleschools.org  web page
Hernandez Erika        luzhernandez@portervilleschools.org  
Herrera David   Mathematics  PABF email web page
Herrera Jr. Larry   Special Projects Director   email web page
Herrera Sara English PABF, Yearbook, Charter Burrito Club member email web page
Hill Brian        hillbrin@portervilleschools.org  
Hill Mike Physical Education   email web page
Hyder Lance   Mathematics  PAAL, Burrito Club member email web page
Jimenez Juan English Language Development Wrestling Coach, Cross Country Couch


web page
Johnson Bill Mathematics  AERO email web page
Johnson Dave   Mathematics   email web page
Kasimoff Micheal   Social Science    mkasimoff@portervilleschools.org  
Kunelis Bill   Business    bkuneli@portervilleschools.org  
Kusserow Jim Band   email web page






web page

Lopez Consuelo        consuelolopez@portervilleschools.org  
Maniss Alison    P.E.    amanis@portervilleschools.org  
Midgley Marie   Science    mmidgle@portervilleschools.org  
Mitchell Wade English   CSF GATE AND AP email web page
Nielsen Kurt Social Science  PABF email web page
Odsather Michelle   English  PAHS email web page
Padilla Julia Rose  English  PAHS  juliarosepadilla@portervilleschools.org  web page
Palafox Amelia        ameliapalafox@portervilleschools.org  
Patterson Paul   Social Science   email web page
Peer Tim   Mathematics   email web page
Rankin Diane Common Core Coach  Common Core Web Page email web page
Reed Tom   Trades & Industry  AERO email web page
Renteria Sergio   Mathematics  PAHS email web page
Revheim Erica   Physical Education   email web page
Rivera Cruz   Mathematics    cruzrivera@portervilleschools.org  
Salas Vanessa     A-K (10-12), PAAL, Freshman AVID vsalas@portervilleschools.org  
Samora Libia   Science   email web page
Sanders Kellie        kelliesanders@portervilleschools.org  
Sanders Lori Language Arts
English Language Development

PAAL Academy, Web Wrangler and Burrito Club member



web page
Schott Marsha   Special Education / Social Science   email web page
Scott William   Health  PAHS email  
Scudder Carl   Physical Education  AERO email web page
Shiers Nicole   Science  AERO email web page
Snell Aaron Choir   email web page
Stafford Marilyn   Science  PAHS, chemistry and biotechnology email web page
Starks Ashlee    Mathematics    astark@portervilleschools.org  web page
Taylor Richard Mathematics PABF, varsity girls water polo, freshmen girls basketball, varsity girls swimming and Burrito Club member email web page
Tesiny Kristin   Science    ktesiny@portervilleschools.org  web page
Tolladay Diana Social Science   email web page
Valdez Jose Principal      
Vanni Tim   Physical Education   email web page
Wallace Lance   COC/SSTAR   email web page
White Julie Business  PABF email 
web page
Williams Tara   English      web page
Wold Todd   Industrial Arts      
Zamarripa Teresa Guidance Counselor   email web page
Zamora Celestine          

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